PHOTOSUNSPECT is a professional cinematographic and photographic studio. We work with the most recent equipment (latest cameras and drones). The studio has been found by the Sofia city based photographer Lyudmil Sofroniev in 2010. Its portfolio has many successful local and international projects. Photosunspect is specialized and certified to use any type of remotely controlled flying systems (drones, drone-planes & helicopters etc.)

    Lyudmil Sofroniev was born in Sofia city Bulgaria. As early as 9 years of age he receives his first “Smena” camera and starts photographing everything around him. Later he graduates from high school, where he studies Banking, but he soon realizes that it’s photography that is his true calling and so he starts his professional training at the University of Technology and at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. As a result he becomes addicted to photo shooting and all its manifestations.

    Lyudmil has been working actively and professionally in the field of photography for fifteen years now and during that time he has earned the recognition of numerous Bulgarian and international professionals. His work on Bulgarian and foreign projects, as well as his charity work make him a part of the Week magazine team, EVA magazine, Bon Appetit magazine/NOVA Studio, Bookmark Publishing, Ficosota, BNP Paribas, Planeta Payner, Maxmedia, Sawroom etc.

    His portfolio also includes projects for Radisson SAS, Pancherevo Hotel, All Channels,New Moment, Grafix, LIMETIME events company, Ogilvy, New Horizons, Hip-hop festival Prague, Seven Eight Production, UNICEF, SOS Children's Villages, THREESIXZERO production ltd,, Vizatel, Bookmark Publishing, Geokad-93, as well as pictures for the project Kremikovtsi with the Metropolitan municipality, that have been selected for various contests.

    It is precisely this wide range of artistic expressions that forms his specific style that gives emotion and uniqueness to his stills. Working as an assistant-photographer for one of the bestselling cover magazine – EVA and shooting for pleasure, Lyudmil develops his perception both for fashion and for commercial, street and landscape photography and his continuous wandering throughout the country helps him capture the unbroken pulse of various regions and people, a pulse that gives professional accuracy to his photographs, a specific sense and unmistakable attitude.

    Cheerful, ambitious and well-organized, Lyudmil Sofroniev is currently working as a freelance photographer and when he is not too busy writing about himself in third person he likes exploring the clouds up in the mountain, in the arms of his girlfriend, and the soft purr of the cat. He hopes to work with people who appreciate the art of photography, not feeling the need for cookie-cutter low quality photographs.